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‘A Bottomless Pit’: How Out-of-Pocket TMJ Costs Drive Patients Into Debt

Millions of Americans suffer from temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, disorders. The high cost and poor insurance coverage of TMJ care can bury patients in debt even as the treatments do more harm than good.

Finland Is Offering Farmworkers Bird Flu Shots. Some Experts Say the US Should, Too.

Even with a stockpile of bird flu vaccinations, the federal government is not offering them to those at high risk. Along with testing and measures to prevent spread, vaccinations may protect people and stop the outbreak from becoming a pandemic.

Colorado Dropped Medicaid Enrollees as Red States Have, Alarming Advocates for the Poor

Colorado defended its high disenrollment rates following the covid crisis by saying that what goes up must come down. Advocates and researchers disagree.

Postcard From Philadelphia

These Vibrant, Bigger-Than-Life Portraits Turn Gun Death Statistics Into Indelible Stories

With pop-up art shows in Philadelphia and beyond, Zarinah Lomax’s mission is to show what is routinely lost to gun violence in America: “This is somebody’s child. Somebody’s son, somebody’s daughter who was working toward something.”

Why the Election May Slow Plans To Replace Lead Pipes

Lead in drinking water is a known danger. But how many of the country’s estimated 9 million lead service lines need to be replaced — and how quickly — is subject to debate. The clock is ticking on two competing plans as the election looms.

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